Our TOUCH products collection consists of hand-picked items by designers from around the globe. Our goal is to provide products that are not just beautiful aesthetically, but that have good stories behind them. Take a look and purchase them right here through our site.


Studio Veríssimo

A simple but clever stool with split personality as it also functions as a door stop, side table, etc. An international collaboration, this stool was designed by Studio Verissimo in Portugal and product development finalized by TOUCH in Los Angeles. Manufactured with great care locally in Los Angeles. Comes standard with red, yellow, cyan or green accent. Custom colors available on request. Current stools in stock are made from maple.

With "Open", designed by Studio Verissimo in Portugal and developed by TOUCH, we decided to give local California manufacturing a try. We took the early prototype from the designer and developed it further into the final design. We now produce them right here in Los Angeles, 10 minutes away from our studio.

There is more to these stools than what meets the eye. What appears to be a simple stool has hidden reinforcements. Pieces are cut to perfection, edges are hand-sanded. Each stool gets the attention that one can only find at shops where the people behind the work take great pride in what they do. And of course we make sure that our wood comes from responsible sources. Open is available in a regular size at 19-1/2 inches tall and a slightly taller version measuring in at about 22-1/2 inches.

While we currently offer four standard colors, local production makes it also possible for us to easily offer custom colors.

Designer: Studio Verissimo, Portugal

Year: 2010

Regular: W 10-1/2” x D 10-1/2” x H 19-1/2”

Material: maple

Note: The taller version (22-1/2") is available while supplies last. This version is made from ash. we will verify accent color on the tall version with you after you placed the order.

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