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Eva Maria Pencil Holder

Carla Tennenbaum

This colorful pencil holder is part of EVAMARIA, a project devoted to the upcycling of E.V.A. (ethyl-vinyl-acetate) industrial refuse – a synthetic, nonrecyclable material that is usually destined for landfills. Employing innovative handicraft mehtods, this commercial waste is transformed into works of art, providing opportunities for creative expression and income generation for underprivileged individuals. 

The original concept and methods by artist Carla Tennenbaum have been recognized internationally, including the first prize at the international contest design 21 2005 (UNESCO) and hOLAnDA 2003 (LADF - Latin American Design Foundation.

Made in Brazil

Year: 2009

Size: W 4-1/2” x D 3-1/2 xH 4”

Color: Various
Material: Unbleached recycled paper,repurposed E.V.A waste (flip-flop material)

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